Frequently Asked Questions

We really try to use sustainable packaging as far as practicable, so we use recycled cardboard boxes and packing material. When sending fragile products, there’s not really any substitute for bubble-wrap. We buy some in, but also we use plastic packaging that we can recycle from things we, or other people get sent.

We do not recycle anything that makes a mess when it arrives with you, like shredded paper/cardboard, or polystyrene chips.We are really keen to get the balance right between the least packaging we can get away with, whilst aiming for the parcel to arrive with you looking smart, and more importantly, intact!

Do let us know how happy you are with your parcel on our feedback form!

As far as we know! We don’t currently stop people from leaving a review just because they haven’t bought the product from us, but you can tell from the review whether the system recognises a verified owner.

We do moderate reviews. This means obvious spam or abuse is deleted; but we wouldn’t delete a review just because it is negative. We may edit reviews, but will state when we have done so if we have not agreed changes with the author. Reasons could include inappropriate disclosure of personal information, excessive or inappropriate claims about products or health conditions, anything we believe may be problematic for legal or regulatory reasons, or external web links.

It is true that we give delicious organic chocolate truffles to our lovely reviewers. We currently give two prizes each month, and these are announced on social media. We give chocolate:

  1. To the person who in our judgement has made the most in-depth review. This is for someone who has taken the time to write about their experience in a way that is helpful for other customers.
  2. To the person who has written the most reviews in a month.

Neither of these prizes are anything to do with the positivity or negativity in their reviews. However, we do reserve the right to moderate or delete reviews if we think they are trying to win a prize unfairly.

Get in touch with us through the contact form, and we will see what we can do. Generally we try to exceed your expectations, so we will try to be as accommodating as possible. But you can check out the formal terms and conditions here.

If you might not be in when the parcel is delivered, then please feel free to put a delivery note asking for it to be delivered to a safe place – and some people even ask for parcels to be left on their doorstep. We will try to mark what you ask on the label, but in some cases, we may not be able to, for example as higher value parcels may need a signature. Also, we can’t guarantee what your postman will do. And finally, we can’t take responsibility for what happens to it. All parcels have delivery confirmations whether you sign for them or not. And if Royal Mail tell us a parcel was delivered, you asked for it to be left on your doorstep and mysteriously it isn’t there when you get home… sorry but that is your responsibility.

Good question. We try REALLY hard to choose products that will only attract positive reviews. In most cases, we have tried them ourselves, or have first-hand feedback from someone who has.We don’t always agree amongst ourselves, and you may see the odd review from staff which is bleugh negative. But on the rare occasions we discover something isn’t liked, we want to know, and will do something about it, like finding an alternative, or simply delisting.

It sounds crazy, but we have worked out a way to save shipping costs by providing a better service! Sometimes, depending on what other parcels are being shipped, we need to lower the average parcel weight of the entire FAST shipment. And we can do that by upgrading lighter parcels to the faster service. And if we did that for you, you got lucky on that occasion!

Sometimes orders fail because of a mis-spelling, wrong card details, address, or just a bad day at the card processor. Often the system tells you what went wrong and you can try again. But give us a call if you are not sure.Click here to find out how to get back to your order if you can’t find it.